We all talk about passion and about the need to keep your battery charged. But tapping into people’s passion and creating the conditions for it to blossom is an art in itself.

So is energy management for individuals and organizations. In addition to the management of money, time and business data, people and their energy will become the main driver for the success of organizations. So it pays off to learn how to manage them effectively. There is a strong correlation between individual energy, team energy and organizational energy. It is not complex to manage, but it requires that you learn to get in touch with your heart as well as your mind, and with your body as well as your head. You will also need to learn to connect with other people in a different way.

Sounds vague? Well, it isn’t when you practice it. We all know the difference between a meeting that excites you and one that drains your energy. There are very specific ways to manage those types of energy effectively.

Download my 2014 syllabus on Energy Management for individuals, teams and organizations (Dutch language only)

It’s all about energy management..

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