1. -   Teach and implement the principles of sound project management

  2. -   Manage and direct innovation projects or programs

-    Manage the process of integrating organizations and teams with different cultures

-    Organize and facilitate Get-in-shape programs for individuals, teams or organizations

  1. -   Facilitate business conferences and retreats

  2. -   Facilitate innovation workshops to develop new products or services

  3. -   Provide Individual Executive Coaching

  4. -   Coach management teams and boards on-the-job in their own working environment

-    Redesign and implementation of a new Corporate Governance portfolio

  1. -   Develop an integrated portfolio of organizational development and talent management

On a more fundamental level, my services contribute to business results and a better working environment by creating more integrity, clarity, vitality and creativity in organizations. Click on any of these words below to learn more.

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The services I provide to clients include: