My role usually is to come up with integrated solutions and to make things work in a cooperation between different disciplines and cultures. In such a role, it helps to be
all-round - as a person and in the experiences that you have. So diverse is the single best word to describe me.

Many clients are surprised that talking to me is like a one-stop shop for organizational and personal development. I take pride in working on the

  1. -   content of organizational strategy

  2. -   necessary innovation of products and services

  3. -   process of planning and implementing those ambitions

  4. -   leadership and management style required to make it happen

  5. -   personal motivation and interaction of the people involved

  6. -   legal and financial aspects

  7. -   implications for hiring & retaining policies and succession planning

  8. -   communications and public affairs aspects of the new strategies

And perhaps most of all, I take pride in making this process interesting, rewarding and energizing for all people involved. Learn more about the services I provide

Easy to work with, difficult to label