Most organizations want and need creativity to find new solutions and develop new products and services. At the same time, they seem to kill all creativity with necessary and unnecessary procedures, hierarchy, in addition to bad examples of stress and leadership behavior.

So where do you go from there? Well, you create some space for the creation process and make sure that business as usual keeps sufficient focus. And the creation process itself is a mix of generating new ideas, planning in a pragmatic process and constantly addressing the human factor as you go along. Creating and implementing new solutions, products and services requires a marriage between structure and open-mindedness. This means that the process has the rigidity of a tightly-run project, but also all the fun and lateral thinking of innovation workshops, personal development to open up your minds, and teamwork to capitalize on diversity. With implemented innovation as a result.

In this line of work, I build on my experience as a trainer in project management, as a company secretary for a major European airline, but also on extensive active experience with theatre, classical music and decorative arts. Don’t be surprised to play, paint and sing in the process...


Designing and implementing your innovation

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