Interview people about what they need most to succeed in work and a majority will respond: A clear sense of purpose and direction, colleagues and a boss who support me, the freedom to influence my own work and a clear idea of where to go when I need information.
That answer (which is based on reality) includes four different kinds of clarity:

  1. -   a clear direction and clear goals

  2. -   a clear line to colleagues and superiors

  3. -   a clear mandate

  4. -   clear and accessible information

Sounds simple but more than half of all my work is about creating this kind of clarity. By defining a strategy that is clear, relevant and appealing. By creating a transparent structure for cooperation and a clear process for the delivery of business results. And by creating a clear system for decisionmaking, communication and information management.

So, ask your people the question phrased above and also ask them to rate how your organization is doing on all these aspects. And call me if you want to share your best practices - or if you could use some assistance. Get in touch with Niels-Peter

Clear direction - and clear lines

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